The fluffy one is here! And he’s gotten into the books.

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BTW, a good iOS client is Toot! It definitely has whimsy.

Are you bussing serious right about now. Like... I’m okay with all the eldwater, but if I’m going to pull a 5*, can it at least be someone I don’t have? Or the dragon? This must be how @beej feels sometimes.

...Are you bloody serious? Just did a single-pull from the daily deal, and....

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@ihorner Siri heard the Angry Zen Master sketch and thought you were telling her to “EMPTY YOUR DRIVES!”

@ihorner I think you can go a few layers deeper. Install the program that lets you run Windows apps inside OSX (forget the name ATM), and in that install Mini vMac to run OS 6 so you can run Erik’s Ultimate Solitare Demo.

@ihorner Ooh. Kensington? Man I kinda miss those trackballs sometimes.

Upcoming schedule for streams on
9/12 11:30 PM EST: Arena of Valor (Switch Edition, early access)
9/13: BattleCON Online (turn-based tabletop fighting game that got a digital implementation
9/14: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna Expansion (probably will be doing this for a while)

Ever have one of those days where you’re... just thinking about .

Q4 isn’t coming fast enough.

Let’s see if this is working correctly... *crosses fingers*


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