Are you bussing serious right about now. Like... I’m okay with all the eldwater, but if I’m going to pull a 5*, can it at least be someone I don’t have? Or the dragon? This must be how @beej feels sometimes.

...Are you bloody serious? Just did a single-pull from the daily deal, and....

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I’m not playing it but the absolute best thing about Smash Ultimate is the way the AI Inklings consistently, reliably, throw themselves off the edge of Moray Towers to their deaths

Upcoming schedule for streams on
9/12 11:30 PM EST: Arena of Valor (Switch Edition, early access)
9/13: BattleCON Online (turn-based tabletop fighting game that got a digital implementation
9/14: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna Expansion (probably will be doing this for a while)

Ever have one of those days where you’re... just thinking about .

Q4 isn’t coming fast enough.

Let’s see if this is working correctly... *crosses fingers*


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